Our Mission Statement

Why are we different from other health spas and retreats?
Our main focus is to help you to understand how your body is developing congestion, inflammation, and pain.

Hello, I'm Dr. Mick Hall

Because I realize that everyone needs a clear understanding of what is really going on inside their body, after investing 47 years into understanding how the human body develops all disease and what we can do to prevent this, I’ve made it the priority of my life to do all that I can to help you understand the principles that determine the quality of your health, or the reasons you may be developing disease.

Although I am a Naturopathic Doctor, my main function is that of a teacher. Utilizing my lifetime of research, I help you to truly understand all levels of cause for why your body would develop disease, presently or in the future. Life teaches us thoroughly that when we have a problem, if we fail to discover and correct the true cause, the problem will either remain or reoccur. I use the same logic to assist you in understanding all the reasons your body is developing the patterns that will eventually develop into degenerative disease. With this understanding, derived from 2 simple finger prick, visual blood tests, you will also be provided with a simplified explanation for how to make the corrections that will restore your body’s self-healing ability, and therefore avoid the development of disease.

This educational session costs $150 and assures you of receiving an understanding beyond anything you have ever experienced before. When husbands and wives are screened together, the cost is only $225 for both. 


Although hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and even though 46% of the adult human body is made of hydrogen, everyone is very deficient of hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most efficient and effective antioxidant there is. Hydrogen is able to penetrate the blood – brain barrier as well as pass through your cells and into your mitochondria, the place where most free radicals develop. The reason most adults are so deficient of hydrogen is because hydrogen binds so tight to oxygen and carbon and the average body lacks the energy to break these strong bonds apart.

Breathable Water Therapy

As you know, water is comprised of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. The average adult body simply lacks sufficient energy to break the strong bonds between these two molecules well enough to provide the hydrogen and oxygen our bodies require. Dr. Mick uses an advanced technology to safely break these bonds for you, allowing you to literally breath the two components of water in their gaseous, usable form. This allows you to inhale 600ml. of hydrogen and 300ml. oxygen per minute. This pure hydrogen and pure oxygen go directly into your lungs, then directly into your bloodstream. As part of this treatment, you will be lying on a Pulsed Magnetic Frequency bed. This pulsed magnetic energy dilates the capillaries of your entire brain and body, thereby delivering pure hydrogen and oxygen directly into your tissue cells where these two vital elements are needed to neutralize free radicals and energize your cells.


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