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Do you realize that the buildup and blockages of arterial plaque and calcium are serious forerunners of disease? At Living Well, we use Ultrasound in a very special way to measure and evaluate the condition of all your organs and important targeted areas of your body, and to determine the threat of such blockages within your body.

Full body Ultrasound Scan

This exam takes 1/2 to 1 hour. All organs will be evaluated and measured, and the entire body can be tested. Do not eat for 3 hours before the exam and be fully hydrated. Scan results will be provided for you to take with you.


This is the use of high frequency ultrasound waves that are used for many procedures, such as kidney stone removal, scar tissue removal, wrinkles and cellulite, and fat removal. It is also good for pain management, arthritis, and nerve impingement. This usually takes up to one hour. YOU MUST BE HYDRATED. 

Radio Frequency

This procedure cannot be done on people with metal or screws inside their bodies. It is an alternative to phonophoresis. It can help cellulite and toning and smoothing of muscles and scars. This treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. YOU MUST BE HYDRATED.


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